We have a new name and a new look! Introducing Revel Photography.

We founded Face Photography 10 years ago, it was our true passion, our sister-project, our little baby. It was an amazing experience right from the start, with the two of us focusing on providing the best of love recorded, taking us on an adventure we didn’t expect to love as much as we did. We met some of the most wonderful and in love humans that we are incredibly thankful for, made new friendships, and best of all, never lost the passion that fuels our fire. We slowed things down for a few years for Azra to raise her now, 2.5 year old daughter Reyah, and Dina to launch her social enterprise, unikati & co. Although it was awesome to spend some time focusing on the other important parts of our lives, it made us realize how much we loved and missed this. There’s just something about being around such joy, seeing and feeling the love that our couples share and having the chance to be creative… that is priceless. Then there’s the cake. Oh how we love cake! There is nothing like a late night sweet table (and poutine station!) with a delicious chocolate or red velvet or strawberry (or any other flavour) cake as the centrepiece. YUM!

So…. we’re officially back in action and in full gear, with plans to expand in ways we are finally prepared for! We have made the decision to do this full-time (it was always a part-time thing until now) which will allow us to provide an even better experience for our clients. We are now available, pretty much around the clock, to provide advice, support and guidance to all our couples and we now have the time to invest into things like our blog, creating helpful resources, doing editorials and truly showing the world what we’ve got!

With all the new on the horizon, we saw it fit to rebrand. We wanted a new name and a new feel. Something that represents us today. Something fresh and current.

Introducing…. Revel Photography! Same us, new and exciting look and feel. We chose Revel Photography because it sounds cool… right?! But mostly because we love what it means. Your wedding day is your chance to revel in beauty, in love, in life and in celebration. To revel is to take great pleasure or delight in something. At the end of your journey with us, our ultimate goal is that you revel in your photographs for the rest of your life.

Expect to see more photos, new and exciting projects, an active blog and so much more coming your way soon!

Thank you to everyone who has shown us so much love and support over the years and, of course, to the beautiful couples who trusted us to capture their big days. We owe you everything.

xox D&A