Queens Quay Engagement Photos, Toronto

Queens Quay Engagement Photos Toronto couple kunder willow tree

Queens Quay Engagement Photos

Sarah & Mike are awesome. You know when you meet a couple and you just know that they were meant-to-be, like the stars aligned just perfectly so they could be together? Well, this is that couple. Their Queens Quay Engagement Photos perfectly demonstrate exactly what we’re talking about. You can just feel the authentic love, the free-spirited connection and the joy they bring to each other.

Sarah & Mike met when they were 12 and became good friends shortly thereafter. This is how Sarah tells their story: “A small crush in grade nine, that at the time did not become more, caused us to become friends through high school. In grade eleven the crush returned and after some light (and exceedingly awkward) flirtation – and with the help of friends far bolder than ourselves – our relationship began with an epic kiss in the rain, illuminated by the headlights of a friend’s car. Nine years later, after university, a long distance relationship (England to Canada), and more, we could not be happier to become husband and wife.”

What’s really cool about these two is that they are both artists in their own right. Sarah is a dancer, choreographer, educator and adjudicator and Mike is a record engineer, producer, mixer, and musician. Can you imagine how cool their wedding is going to be??

They chose Queens Quay Engagement Photos because they use to live in the area and thought it would be the perfect spot. We loved it! It was our first time shooting there, and it did not disappoint. From Music Garden to the sail boats, larger ships, canoes, lakefront views, willow trees and more, it was pretty much an ideal location for an engagement session.

Sarah and Mike have gone from being prom dates, to soul mates, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

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