Nicole + Paul – Mehendi, Hindu Wedding and White Wedding, Toronto

This was our first Hindu wedding experience and what an incredible one is was! We were honoured that Nicole & Paul invited us to take part in a three-day event full of ceremonies including a Mehndi night/Henna Party, a Hindu ceremony/wedding and a Christian wedding.

We’re extremely fascinated by this colourful culture!

In September, we booked a trip to India (we’ll be going in February) to photograph local weddings and to capture the essence of daily life both in the big cities and the small villages in between. We look forward to posting many photos and sharing our experiences from the trip upon our return!

Nicole and Paul are an amazing couple and their story is one that needs to be told! They first fell for each other in junior school. Their relationship went from a childhood romance to a close friendship as they grew up and, eventually, after finishing school, they grew apart and lost touch. All along, they lived about 5 houses away from each other! Two years ago they bumped in to each other and the rest is history!

As we all know, it is tradition that the bride and groom get one another a gift on their wedding day. Well, little did Paul know until he finally received his little package, Nicole had been holding on to a tape (with “their” song on it) that he had lent her when they were little kids and, as her gift to him, she finally returned it. She had held on to it knowing way back then that she would return it the day they got married!

These two are the definition of love and what they have is so beautiful to see. We wish them all the best in their long life together and thank them for including us in their incredible wedding!

As you’ll see below, we have included a few shots from each of the three events.



(Mehendi, Hindu Wedding and White Wedding photos)