Kim + Mike – Wedding at Sunnybrook Estates, Toronto

Although we may be somewhat bias when we say this (Kim’s been a friend for 20 or so years)….  this bride was truly breathtaking. Every move she made was picture perfect, created emotion and was fascinating to photograph. The day was filled with so much fun and excitement… from “Blonde” hair salon that was rented out just for the bridal party to cocktails at the couple’s waterfront condo in downtown Toronto, all the way to the aisle where Kim’s dad walked beside his youngest gorgeous daughter.

Surrounded by close family and friends, Kim and Mike exchanged their vows in an outdoor ceremony at the Sunnybrook Estates. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day… even if the Maid of Honour (the bride’s beautiful sister) had remembered the rings!!! She was struck by crazy guilt but because of her, this wedding will never be forgotten! One couldn’t have planned it better! The laughter broke the tears as Kim and Mike carried on with grace, exchanging non-existent rings and chuckling away… as if nothing had happened. They showed their true laid-back personalities right in front of the entire crowd. It was amazing!

Just before sunset, a delicious dinner was served, a great 5pc band (Naked Flame) performed all night and the dance floor was the place to be! We hear that by the end of the night (morning), the stage was shared by a few… let’s just say… “songbirds” in the crowd!

Congratulation to Kim and Mike and may our friendship last as long as your wedding photos!