I can’t recall a time in my life when photography wasn’t a part of me. From my earliest days, I always had a camera in my hands. I lived for opening that white envelope from Blacks, filled with prints, and looking at the images inside it for the first time. It felt natural for me to choose photography as my career, a decision met with no surprise by those who know me best. Seventeen years later, and I still feel inspired by the electric love between the couples I capture, the unwavering commitment and support from their beloved families and friends, and the ever evolving art that I am so privileged to create in order to document it all.

My goal is to create photographs that future generations will look at and be transported back in time, feeling as if they were right there with you. Photographs that are truly timeless, so you can feel confident knowing they will always look beautiful no matter what trends may come and go. And of course, photographs that authentically represented you, just as you are - your distinctive personalities, your deep and everlasting love, and your unique personal style.

Let's create something beautiful together.

I'm a storyteller. I've always been a storyteller. My love for storytelling has been a lifelong addiction, starting back in my childhood. Back then, I'd clutch a handful of notebooks, filling them all the wild ideas I had flowing through me, wearing down pencil after pencil until it was so small I couldn't hold it anymore. Fast forward to today, and I do most of my storytelling through documentary filmmaking and scriptwriting. A good story is my favourite way to break the ice when I meet the bride or groom on the morning of a wedding, immediately allowing me into the fold and giving me the opportunity to capture them on a deeper level.  

On your wedding day, I will capture you in a way that is authentic and unobtrusive. I will pay attention to the little things as much as I pay attention to the big ones. I will focus on the emotions and moments that make your day unique and unforgettable. Mostly, I will make myself open to everything you want and need, and make sure you are enjoying every second of the experience.

I can't wait to celebrate with you.






Our family is at the core of who we are. Our two children our greatest gifts, serving as the guiding lights that inspire, enlighten, and propel us toward being the best versions of ourselves, both as individuals and business owners. The nucleus of our craft revolves around the unwavering love and commitment to our family, shaping our perspective and fueling our passion for capturing the essence of your family and the profound connections shared on your wedding day.

While we've snowboarded the Matterhorn in Switzerland, marvelled at the beauty of the Taj Mahal in India, and explored Angkor Wat in Cambodia, our most significant adventure unfolded in 2021 when we relocated our family from Toronto to Calgary. The majestic mountains beckoned, and we answered the call to make this new place our home. While we love living in this beautiful province, we still enjoy spending part of our busy season capturing weddings in Toronto while taking the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends. 

We have been storytellers for as long as we can remember, Haris, through the documentary films he has been creating since he was 15, and Azra, through her almost two decades of documenting love. Stories have the power to inspire, entertain, enlighten, and forever change us. Through our lenses, we aim to convey the richness, depth, and details of your stories, creating a visual legacy for you to cherish and share for generations to come.

It is the raw, unfiltered exchanges, the mutual respect, and the ability to be truly present on a wedding day that fuels our creativity and passion. Authentic connections inspire us to see the world through diverse perspectives, bring joy to our everyday lives, and allow us to form bonds with our clients that continue to last long after the wedding has come and gone.

In the subtle interplay of light and shadow, the quiet corners of the room, or the unnoticed details in the seemingly mundane, there lies a world of extraordinary splendor just waiting to be captured. It is a reminder that beauty is not always grand or obvious; rather, it often reveals itself in the delicate nuances and overlooked intricacies of your day. This inspiration fuels our sense of curiosity and wonder, prompting us to find joy in documenting not only the expected beauty, but everything in between. 





From the wedding gown to the tuxedo, to the bridal parties and guest attire, recent years have witnessed a shift towards couture styles in wedding fashion, and we have wholeheartedly embrace it. Our lenses gravitate towards the elegance of long flowing veils, pearls, bows, and lace, as well as the impeccable fit of custom-tailored menswear. While we may dedicate a bit more time to capturing the exquisite details of your Jimmy Choos, the results are undeniably worth it. Achieving high-fashion imagery demands a distinctive skill set, encompassing flash expertise and editorial posing—an expertise we have meticulously developed over the past decade through numerous fashion projects, continuous education, and a diverse range of editorial shoots.



Growing up with influences from both Toronto and Europe has motivated us to craft art that mirrors aspects of both cultures. We merge our appreciation for architecture, history, and family - elements synonymous with Europe - with our love for the vibrancy and personality of the big city. By seamlessly blending Toronto's contemporary energy with European traditions, we create visuals that capture the timeless beauty of love and cultural influence. This fusion enables us to produce unique heirloom imagery that stands apart.

"The photos were absolutely incredible and blew our expectations!! From the small moments to the big, you really captured them all, along with details that we completely missed looking at. You captured the photos in a way that we were able to relive the emotions of the day and I am forever grateful you were our photographer. Thank you so much."





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